Ninken (忍犬; English TV "Ninja Hounds"; Literally meaning "Ninja Dogs") are a small pack of ninja dogs breed for battle by the Uchiha Clan. These are trained in ninja combat and chakra control from puppy-hood until adulthood and small groups are aligned with an Uchiha member as part of a Summoning contract as well as a solo ninja squad as tracking squad. To date only Kitate is shown to have a contract with the ninken at this time.

Kitate's TeamEdit

Kitate's small ninja dog team consist of 9 dogs of various sizes and skills, ranging from a Collie to a husky. His head dog is a small wolf-like dog named Ki (気, Spirit) which has managed to learn how to talk, as he is the only one on Kitates team capable of human speech he is the main one to communicate the feeling and ideas of the team to Kitate and vice versa. The team is as followed.

Ki: Lead dog and user of Basic Uchiha Fire based jutsu. He is of wolf decent and able to speak.

Oni: Beta of the Pack and user of Earth release techniques. He is of Husky decent.

Lily: The third named member is of Collie decent and user of a type of wind release that is akin to sonic boom barks. She is a fast dog, and is often used as a scout.

Six unnamed ninken: His final six are currently unnamed and their skills are basic, search and tracking.