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"Since the beginning, austere shinobi warriors follow each other into battle. Ninja clash and scatter, like flower petals floating on the battlefield. Times and places may change, but the endless battle rages on. Some guard the village, others challenge the enemy, some fight evil, and some fight simply to practice.... and to excel. Sacrificing their very lives to pursue their way, fearless shinobi vanish, taking their fervent souls with them, leaving only remnants of a dream. Still, the way of the shinobi persists. It shall never fade into darkness!"

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Naruto Fanon Wiki News

May 16, 2011

The site is founded and the first RP timeline is underway at! Let's get into this everyone!

Featured Article of the Month

Bandit Profile

Ritsuryō Senju (千手 律令, Senju Ritsuryou) is the Leader of the Senju clan during the Clan Wars with the Uchiha clan and the Uzumaki clan. Son of the late leader Battōri Senju and his wife Hotaru Senju, Ritsuryō would take the position as Leader of the Senju after his fathers death on the battlefield. A firm believer in the Will of Fire, Ritsuryō seeks to teach the world that peace can truly be achieved through love and not overcoming a foe through might.

A master in his field of technique, Ritsuryō is often associated with the title The Earth Warder (土 監房, Tsuchi kanbō). His chief rival and leader of the Uchiha Clan is the feared Ryun Uchiha. (read more)

Featured Quote of the Month

"Among the Uchiha, no eyes are stronger than mine..."
—Ryun Uchiha

Quick Reference

  • Just a reminder, that all roleplays are to be done on the affiliated forums board. Also, this is not a wiki where you can just make any random character or jutsu you come up with. That is best left on the Naruto Fanon Wiki.

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