The Reflection of a Flower Technique (鏡花の術; Kyōka no Jutsu) was a jutsu commonly used by K as a method of tricking her enemies. It places the victim in a genjutsu, though the illusion greatly resembles that of the real world. It takes a skilled genjutsu user to realize that he is under a genjutsu, though the Reflection of a Flower makes no clear indication as to what is real or not. This allowed K to trick individuals into moving where she wanted them to go, by manipulating what her victims perceive as real. With this jutsu, K placed her victims in the most precarious positions to fall prey to her traps. It could be used to hide the side effects of other genjutsu, such as the Temple of Nirvana Technique.

According to Kojirō Miyamoto, K often activated it under the guise of sign language. However, Kojirō discerned that K used cryptic messages to hide the jutsu's hand seals.